“You did SO much work with Bax and he is only getting better and better!
You helped SO much and I am ever grateful for all you did for Bax and me.
Thanks so much! You worked a miracle.

I just can’t say enough ‘good’ about how you managed to change Bax, and also, in my following your instructions, I was able to change my own behavior with Bax, resulting in so far has been a very balanced situation.”
Sharon Laczek Malhotra

“Most people seek the help of a dog trainer to make a hard dog softer, my problem was the opposite!
When I sought Ben’s help I needed to make my soft dog harder! Everytime I tried to show Pedro in the conformation ring he ended up on his back for the judge!

Ben was able to take Pedro and build him up so that I could put him in the show ring and finally obtain his International title on his own 4 feet!! I can’t thank Ben enough for turning my marshmallow into a champion!!
Kassi McLaughlin
Blackwater Dogo’s

“Ben you were so congenial and interesting and fun to know.
Your way with dogs comes off as natural. You really helped to understand how to keep Ax at his best which makes both of us happy.
Please come back for a refresher training – on me anytime!”
Karen Rossberg Walker
French Caribbean Islands – St. Barts

First of all, I would like to thank you for giving Boomer a second chance at life. I inherited Boomer from my son who is in the USAF and was deployed long term to another country. When I brought Boomer into my home, he had a variety of undesirable behaviors, which included barking at anything that moved, jumping on the door whenever he heard noises, and being aggressive towards other humans and animals. These undesirable behaviors were completely out of control which made me decide to reach out to a variety of individuals to pursue other options. These were my options – the dog needed to be euthanized. One day before taking Boomer to be euthanized, I contacted Ben. Not only did he contact me within a short period of time, specifically just a few hours, but he came to my home to conduct his own evaluation and ended up taking Boomer with him. During the 30 day inboard training, I received numerous videos, text messages, and phone calls in regards to Boomer’s progress. Boomer has made tremendous progress and since he has been home, Ben still checks in to address any issues or concerns. Thanks to Ben, Boomer is still with us today – you are truly a miracle worker and we are forever grateful for everything that you have done and continue to do.
Sherry Hampp, Duncan Falls, Ohio

We just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help with Layla! We knew we had a great dog but struggled for everyone else to see that because of her behaviors, and now with your help we are able to show what a great dog we really do have.
Within the first week of our 6 week session, we were already able to see a difference in her behavior and obedience.
You clearly are very knowledgable and were very easy to work with. We will definitely be returning for further training!


Lacey Swords & Rory Fleek

Columbus, OH