“Pup to Protection”


Do you have a puppy? Are you in the market to purchase a puppy and you have a goal of personnel protection, family protection, or Schutzhund? Then Berry’s K9 ” Pup to Protector” program is the program for you. Pup to Protector is a 52 week comprehensive training course for clients with an end goal of a protection trained or Schutzhund titled K9!

Puppies can begin as early as 12 weeks old and training is year round at one of our two facilities. The program covers the following:

The 52 Week Plan

“Puppy Kindergarten” 8 week course

• Socialization

• Manners

• House Breaking

• Care

• Leash Breaking

• Obedience foundation


“Beginner Obedience” 8 week course

“Basic on leash” 8 week course

“Advanced on Leash” 8 week course

“Beginner off Leash” 8 week course

“Advanced off Leash” 8 week course

“Specialized training’’ 4 weeks choose from the following:

• Personal protection level 1

• Schutzhund Level 1 foundation

At the end of the program you can expect to have a fully trained on and off leash K9. With either Level 1 protection training or a K9 that is ready for its Schutzhund BH. (Note: advanced levels beyond Level 1 protection or Schutzhund BH, are available when you complete Pup to Protector at an additional charge).

Pup to Protector is flexible and cost effective. You can choose 52 sessions with flexible days and times.

Check out the video of Pup to Protector client Malia and Havock.