Our Photos
Here are some photos of dogs we have trained for our clients
and friends as well as some of our own dogs in training.
Ben with Axor at the airport waiting for their
flight to St. Bart’s.
Ben and his son Baby Ben.
A lil dog trainer in the making!
Ben training Axor to swim, in his new owners endless pool!
Ben and Axor on the beach in St. Bart’s.
Service Dog Training with Axor in Wal-Mart prior to heading to his new home in St. Bart’s!
Service Dog Training for Bax at the
Barber Shop with Ben!
Zoe and Louise sharing some girl time!
Samson and Amari giving Louise her bath.
You couldn’t ask for a more well trained dog than one that will sit in the bath for two adorable kids!
Louise playing “babysitter” in the yard with Zoe.
Bobby and Louise taking in a nice hike!

Kristi relaxing with Hexie after a long day of Schutzhund training.
A real dog training girl!

Jaiden Brown with his English Bulldog Boston after a Basic Obedience training session.
Sabrina Serrano sharing a Kodak moment with Moose!
Ben and Jeff taking a break from training at the
Roland Seibel seminar in Tennessee.
5 yr. old Ben Berry Jr. working Berry’s K9 Smoke in obedience.
James Blake of Jaburi Kennel taking a break
during socialization training with his Doberman.
Ben Berry taking an escape bite from a powerful German Shepherd!
A clients dog getting up close and personal with Ben.
2 year old Ben Berry Jr. hanging out with a young GSD.