About Us
Berry’s K9 Academy is owned and operated by
Head Trainer Ben Berry.

Ben is a member Schutzhund USA and several other training groups. He’s also received his Bachelors Degree from University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

Ben’s innate passion for dogs began during his childhood. Unable to have a dog of his own, Ben would rescue strays in the neighborhood and use his allowance and collect aluminum cans to feed and care for them. Throughout his youth, dogs continued to play an important role in Ben’s life. A lifelong passion for dogs has resulted in a full time career dedicated to his passion: dogs.
Ben had trained dogs as a hobby for over ten years, until 18 years ago when he was able to turn his hobby into a profession. Thanks to his passion for dogs and great skill as a dog trainer.
Ben has trained under the mentorship of several world renowned dog trainers. As a result of his continued education, Ben become one of Columbus and Central Ohio’s premiere all-breed dog trainers. Ben has developed a comprehensive system of training and evaluation. His system ensures that your canine companion will reach his or her maximum potential. Whether you want a top-notch competition dog, a family guardian or you’re just looking for man’s best friend, Berry’s K9 Academy has the training designed specifically for your needs.